Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

azure-1.svgMicrosoft Azure is the cloud technology platform that powers Microsoft's popular Office 365 suite and many other powerful enterprise tools. Azure is the choice of many enterprises because of its integration with existing tools and its ease of use of existing licenses. 

Many of the traditional Microsoft on-premisis technologies such as Windows Server and MS SQL Server and SharePoint have been moved to the cloud and are powered by Azure. The Azure platform makes a wide array of computing options available to developers, from servers and databases to artificial intelligence and serverless functions.

Microsoft makes a tremendous number of training resources available. See Online Microsoft Azure Training  for training from basics to certification preparation. At Indiana University staff also have access to Azure courses on LinkedIn Learning. Explore these and other training and certification resources on our Cloud Training Resources page.

IU's Azure contract includes discounts and benefits over purchasing Azure services as an individual. Use of Azure for university purposes, including research, must be under IU's contract. If you are ready to start using Azure, visit the Request Account page. For any questions, contact the Cloud Technology Support team.

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